A Chance to Work Things Out

Everyone worries or feels down sometimes and usually talking to someone you feel safe with is just what's needed……someone like a parent or a friend.

Life can be complicated….things sometimes happen which can be hard to manage. Family troubles, friendship worries, pressures from school, from social media, pressures to be or look a certain way, worries about not fitting in, or about how you feel about yourself.

Sometimes it is hard to put these feelings into words and you may struggle to manage to sort things out on your own. This might mean you take too much on yourself, or you get upset and angry with other people when they don't understand what's happening. 

When things get stuck like this, you might feel really on your own with it……..

A time and space of your own can really help then, where you can explore your real thoughts and feelings.... 

Psychotherapy sessions are times for this, where I'll listen to you and think very carefully about what you say and do, to help you make sense of what happens and what you feel. 

I begin by meeting you with one or both parents, to hear about what each of you is feeling worried about. Then I'll meet with you for two or three sessions so you can get an idea of what sessions are like and whether you'd like to try this way of thinking about your worries.

Sessions take place weekly (sometimes more often) at the same time each week and last for 50 minutes. You can talk, or play or draw if you feel like it, or be quiet…that's up to you. I'll be thinking and sometimes talking but I won't tell you what to do and I'll try to help you sort things out. 

Sessions are private but not secret. If something does come up which seems really important for parents to know, I'll talk to you first about that. Once a term, I'll arrange a review with you and your parents, to see how things are going for you. 

How long does therapy go on? it is usually a good idea to think of a year of sessions, though sometimes more can be helpful. 

What about afterwards? We will think carefully about when to stop, at least 3 months before we do. And you can come back to see me after we've ended, to top up or just touch base.


To arrange an initial consultation,
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