Change and growth through exploration and understanding

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy aims for deep change in personality and emotional development. It aims to develop and sustain the capacity for effective and satisfying experiences in life, in personal relationships and with the wider world and for a deeper and fuller engagement with life.

The relationship between you and your therapist is important in therapy. This is central in giving a safe and private setting where complex issues can be explored. You will be able, and encouraged, to talk about whatever you think and feel. I will also be interested in how you relate to me and what this may say about how you relate to important others in your life. 

I offer one or two initial consultations to help you explore the potential for psychotherapy with me.

Brief psychoanalytic psychotherapy in some circumstances can be very helpful but usually psychoanalytic psychotherapy is most effective with longer term work, that is, a year or more. 

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a therapeutic process which aims to help people understand and resolve their difficulties by increasing awareness of their underlying feelings, thoughts and beliefs (about the world and about themselves) and the way this influences past and present relationships. In exploring these important questions, my work as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist draws on theories of human development and psychoanalysis.

A wide range of concerns brings people to psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  Sometimes these are specific issues like particular anxieties, obsessional behaviour, psychosomatic conditions or eating disorders. Often it is more general pervasive, underlying feelings of depression or anxiety, worries about work and difficulties in making or sustaining satisfactory relationships. Sometimes such feelings occur in the context of loss or crisis, though often these are longstanding difficulties. 


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